Security exercise to be conducted at Canadian Forces Base Halifax

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Security exercise to be conducted at Canadian Forces Base Halifax

Residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality are to be advised that there will be a security response exercise conducted at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Halifax Stadacona and His Majesty’s Canadian (HMC) Dockyard at an unspecified time during the week of February 20-24, 2023. The exact date and timing of the exercise will not be disseminated in advance in order to ensure the authenticity of the response and the overall effectiveness of the exercise.

An integral part of CFB Halifax’s Base Emergency Response Plan, this exercise will be conducted to ensure that Defence Team personnel and units are familiar with emergency response plans and their responsibilities to act in the event of any real security incident that may impact Base personnel or property. During the exercise, members of the public who live or transit regularly in the vicinity of CFB Halifax Stadacona and HMC Dockyard may observe heightened activity from Department of National Defence (DND) emergency response vehicles and exercise participants. Exercise procedures may involve the carrying of weapons (with no ammunition) by highly trained military personnel. Safety teams will monitor and control all activities. Any inconvenience to residents and motorists is regretted.

Please note that <<911>> emergency services to the local community will not be limited in any way by this exercise.

This exercise is being conducted in recognition of Security Awareness Week, an annual event held in early February during which departments are invited to promote good​ security​ practices and to share them government-wide. It is an excellent opportunity to increase employee awareness​ and to promote departmental​ security​ services. Security awareness is a key element of the departmental security program under the Policy on Government Security


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