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(Located in NS)

Hi everyone, my name is Quail, I’m a rambunctious 11 month old American bulldog mix and I’m about 70 lbs. I came from Louisiana a few weeks ago, where I was found as a stray, in search of a better life. I’m now ready to start that search.

On average, it takes 100 shares and 100 likes for a dog to find a home! Please share my story so her forever family will find me!

It’s currently just me and my foster mommy at home, but before I was rescued from the shelter in Louisiana, I was the tester doggy there. They used me to test all the new arrivals because I am pretty chill. That’s still somewhat true. My rescuers sent me to another foster with a doggy, some kitties and a toddler to test me. Me and the doggy got along great outside and fairly well inside. I wanted to share my toy with him so I’d drop it so he could take it. Once he went to take it, I snapped at him. I love my toys, I wanted to try to share but couldn’t bring myself to go through with it. After though, I’d try to give him kisses to say I’m sorry. This is something I’ll need to work on. As I said, outside was great, we played and played but I don’t really know my own size so I was a little rough with him. So a doggy my own size would be more ideal. I was very interested in the kitties, I whined and whined at them but they wouldn’t come to see me. As far as toddlers go, nope, definitely not my cup of tea so older kids only please.

I’m still a puppy, so as far as my training goes, everyday I’m getting better on leash, but my foster mom says I’d benefit from a gentle leader as I tend to get excited and will pull a little. My recall is a work in progress so I’m a little bit of a flight risk, but I’m highly food motivated and a quick learner so I don’t imagine it’ll take me long to break out of those habits.

I’m only 11 months old so I have a lot of puppy energy and tendencies so my energy level matches that. My foster mum takes me on several walks a day but she says I’ll probably enjoy a home that has a yard or is near a park so that I can get my energy out that way. When I get wound up, I start playing using my mouth. Because I’m such a big, strong boy, it can hurt. I don’t mean to be rough, I just want to play. I love to play fetch and will play for hours if you let me, just don’t expect me to always return it to you.

I’m working on my housetraining, it isn’t perfect, but I’ve made loads of progress in a such a short time. My foster mom works full time but if I have someone able to let me out every few hours, I should master it in no time. I’m good in the car but you may have to lift me in occasionally as I’m still getting the hang of it.

I don’t have separation anxiety and I’ll usually distract myself with a good indestructible toy until someone returns to play with me. If left unattended for too long, I may get into things that are left laying around the house like shoes or books as I am a chewer, but I am crate trained if there’s ever a need to do so.

I’m not a big barker, but I’ll bark a little if I see a bigger dog while on walks or when someone comes to the door but I stop when told. I sleep on my bed sometimes, but I really enjoy sleeping on the couch.

As far as food goes, I love it, so much so that I had an emergency vet visit because I gobbled way too much food when my foster mom was out, which is why I should be crated when you’re out. My foster mommy has noticed that kibble with chicken doesn’t agree with my tummy and can cause me to become itchy. I’m a tall boy so I will try my luck if you leave interesting smelling items close enough to the edge of the counter.

I think I’d be best suited in an active family or a home with another pup to play with, just no toys unless we are outside. I’m good with strangers and may come off a little strong as I like to jump on them to greet them, but my foster mommy says I can’t keep doing this and we’ve been working on it together.

I love to give kisses and I’m all around just a very affectionate pup that loves living in my hoomans shadow.

If I sound like the guy you’ve been looking for, then let my rescuers know that you want to bring me home by submitting an application.

My adoption fee is a $550 donation to the rescue to help save more dogs like me. I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, come with a 6-week trial of pet insurance from PetSecure and have all my doggy papers to come home to you! You can apply for me at https://form.jotform.com/60895241776264

*If you have previously submitted an application for an unknown dog or any dog and you feel that I may be a fit for your family, you can just send my rescuers an email instead of submitting another application. The email address is salcarescue@salcars.ca

*Due to limited resources, only applications that suit my needs will be contacted for a potential adoption trial.

*Although we only adopt to NS, NB and PEI, matches are not based on proximity to the dog but on a best fit for the dog. We do assist as much as possible with travel for the right application within these provinces.

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