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February temperature outlook

Here is the forecast for the “temperature anomaly” for the month of February. The temperature anomaly is the “difference from normal temperatures” for the entire month.

The forecasts are categorized as follows:

  • blue indicates the probability that temperatures will be below normal;
  • grey to purple indicates the probability that temperatures will be near normal;
  • yellow to red indicates the probability that temperatures will be above normal; and
  • white indicates uncertainty regarding the temperature tendency this month.

*All categories are compared to the average of the 30 months of February between 1991 and 2020.

This is a prediction of the anomaly of the mean daily temperature at two metres (standard forecast height). It is not a forecast of the maximum nor of the minimum daily temperature. Long-range forecast user guide.

January overview

After a stormy end to December, January saw very mild conditions across most of Canada. Large swaths of the country, through the Yukon, Northwest Territories, northern Prairies and northern Ontario, saw temperatures more than 7 °C above average for the month.

With these warmer temperatures, January also saw average to below-average snowfall over many areas, except for southern Quebec and northern New Brunswick, where snowfall was above average for the month. In Atlantic Canada, many areas received well above-normal precipitation, most falling as rain.

The month of January finished with some notable snowstorms! From January 20 to 22, parts of Newfoundland experienced snowfall in excess of 50+ cm. From January 23 to 26, New Brunswick was hit by two storms, each bringing 15-30 cm of snow. On January 25, 15 to 30 cm of snow fell across southern and southeastern Ontario, and on January 26, the same system brought 15 to 25 cm to southern Quebec and the Gaspe.


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