Applications Open, New Category Added to Emergency Services Providers Fund



Applications Open, New Category Added to Emergency Services Providers Fund
Nova Scotians rely on first responder organizations to protect us from fires and other emergency situations. That is why the budget of the Emergency Services Provider Fund was increased to purchase equipment used to respond to an emergency.

The program budget for 2020-21 is $1 million, an increase of $500,000.

A new category was added to the program this year for emergency power for buildings. Applicants can choose standby generators, including electrical and wiring, fixed fuel supply tanks and posts to protect generators.

“First responders from across the province benefit from the equipment purchased under this fund and in turn, this directly supports our communities,” said Chuck Porter, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “Most of them volunteer their time and put themselves at risk helping us in dangerous situations. This funding supports the purchase of equipment they need to carry out this essential work.”

The annual program provides funding to emergency first responders, including volunteer fire departments, ground search and rescue organizations and hazardous material (HAZMAT) organizations. Applicants can purchase equipment from up to three of the seven categories.

Quick Facts:
— program provides up to 75 per cent of eligible costs to a maximum of $20,000
— categories include personal protective equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus, communications, rescue equipment, miscellaneous firefighting equipment, hazardous material (HAZMAT) equipment, water supply and suppression equipment, emergency power for building
— applications will be accepted until July 13
— organizations can apply every three years

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Information on the Emergency Services Provider Fund:ย

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