Sentenced Woman Prohibited from Owning Animals for 10 Years


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Sentenced Woman Prohibited from Owning Animals for 10 Years

Belinda Singer, 42, from Noel, has been sentenced for animal cruelty under the Animal Protection Act of Nova Scotia. Singer was convicted in Shubenacadie Provincial Court on September 15, 2022, for one count of permitting an animal to be in distress, contrary to Section 26 (2) of the Animal Protection Act of Nova Scotia. The sentencing on September 15, 2022, included a ten-year prohibition from owning animals and a $500 fine.

On July 17, 2022, the Nova Scotia SPCA Enforcement team received an emergency complaint about abandoned animals and a deceased dog in a home. Upon entering the residence, officers found one dog and one cat that needed veterinary care. A second dog was found deceased in a crate. Both the cat and dog were seized, and the remains of the deceased dog were taken to the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Health Laboratory for a necropsy. The necropsy determined that the cause of death was likely dehydration and emaciation due to malnutrition.

Chief Provincial Inspector Jo-Anne Landsburg of the SPCA Enforcement team wants to remind Nova Scotians that there is support available to pet owners. “All our Nova Scotia SPCA animal shelters have pet pantries with free food and kitty litter that can be accessed by everyone. There are no fees to surrender pets into our care. The SPCA is here to work with you so that no animal is left behind.”

The Nova Scotia SPCA has a zero-tolerance policy for animal cruelty and neglect. All concerns and complaints submitted to the SPCA are kept confidential. You can report acts of cruelty by calling the SPCA toll-free at 1-888-703-7722, e-mailing, or filling out an online form at


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