SCARS Adoptables – Revello and DillyBar are between 5 and 6 months old

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Revello and DillyBar are between 5 and 6 months old, and they have been with the rescue since they were tiny kittens! Their sister was adopted 2 months ago. It’s a shame that we haven’t found a home yet for this bonded pair of brothers who must stay together.

Normally our fee for adoption is $300 for a kitten, but we are willing to give a discount or reduce the fee to $500 for both kittens.

They have been tested for feline leukemia and vaccinated 3 times, neutered and microchipped , treated for all parasites etc
Healing Animal Scars – Sonya’s Cat & Animal Rescue Society Requires that our adopters keep the kitties indoors only.

Right now these are the only kitties that our rescue has ready for adoption. All the new kitties won’t be available for a while yet until all their veterinary work is completed.

SCARS – +1 902-469-6369

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