CBSA-RCMP joint investigation leads to arrest for weapons and customs offences


**** CBSA Media Release

CBSA-RCMP joint investigation leads to arrest for weapons and customs offences 

Photo Credit: CBSA – Prohibited weapons seized as a result of an August 10, 2022 search warrant in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

A 32-year-old Amherst man was arrested and transported to the Amherst RCMP Detachment. He will be facing a number of weapons-related and smuggling charges and will appear in Amherst Provincial Court at a later date.

way we work collaboratively with our law enforcement partners.  We have an excellent relationship with the Cumberland RCMP, CBSA and the RCMP Emergency Response Team which allows us to focus on what is important to our community.  This proactive response removed dangerous weapons from our community and remains a priority for all Law Enforcement agencies, regardless of the uniform or the jurisdiction.  We all work together towards common objectives to ensure a safe and healthy community.”

Chief Dwayne Pike, Chief of the Amherst Police Department

Quick facts

  • Prohibited weapons are high-risk commodities and keeping them out of Canada is a CBSA enforcement priority.
  • CBSA, RCMP and other law enforcement partners play a key role in protecting the safety and security of Canadians across the country.
  • The CBSA screens goods, including international mail and courier items, coming into Canada and examines more closely those that may pose a threat to the safety of Canadians.
  • If you have information about suspicious cross-border activity, please contact the CBSA Border Watch toll-free line at 1-888-502-9060.


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