Return to Normal School Activities 

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Return to Normal School Activities 
Students returning to school in September will be able to participate in the full range of learning and well-being activities, including small-group instruction, band, clubs, sports and field trips.

“This is an exciting time of year for students, especially now with a return of extra-curriculars that are so vital to the education experience. As always, we keep safety and the health of our students and staff as our highest priority and will remain in close contact with Public Health,” said Becky Druhan, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development. “We finished strong in June, and we plan to pick up where we left off.”

In consultation with Public Health, the Province continues to encourage schools, staff and students to embrace healthy habits, including getting vaccinated, staying home if unwell, sanitizing hands and high-touch surfaces, and creating a supportive environment for those who decide to wear a mask.

Schools will continue to have hand sanitizer available and masks for those who choose to wear them. High-touch surfaces will also continue to be cleaned regularly.

To help teachers and administrators renew their focus on student wellness and achievement, every school this year will once again receive more than $5,000 via a healthy living grant, money that school advisory councils and principals can use to support physical and mental health activities or cultural awareness activities. Outdoor learning will be promoted, and enhanced online supports will be available for math, reading and writing.

A new physical activity framework is expected to be rolled out this year to encourage students and staff to eat healthy and become more active, as well as to continue to maximize learning opportunities in areas like outdoor learning and summer literacy programs.

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