Water safety reminder from the Nova Scotia RCMP

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Water safety reminder from the Nova Scotia RCMP

The Nova Scotia RCMP has received an increase in calls relating to water safety, and would like to remind the public how to stay safe while enjoying water activities.

Since August 1, the Nova Scotia RCMP has responded to 14 incidents related to water safety. These incidents, responded to in collaboration with our first responder partners, included distressed swimmers, capsized boats, people drifting out to sea, and drownings.

The events have occurred in 11 of Nova Scotia’s 18 counties, and in various types of bodies of water.

How to stay safe on the water:

  • Always wear a life-jacket or personal flotation device when out on the water
  • Stick to water-related activities within your capability and skill level
  • Avoid areas of rough or fast-moving water, strong tidal currents and surges
  • Don’t consume alcohol or drugs while boating or participating in water-related activities
  • Ensure that children are kept within sight and reach

As Nova Scotians, we have a shared responsibility on the water to keep everyone safe. Please enjoy the many wonderful beaches and lakes that Nova Scotia has to offer, but do so responsibly.

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