Government Further Extends Virtual Care Options

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Government Further Extends Virtual Care Options
Government is further extending access to virtual care options like telephone and videoconferencing that are available for doctors to connect with patients.

Physicians’ payment codes for virtual visits will be available until March 31.

“Access to virtual care has become increasingly important to patients and doctors as the COVID-19 pandemic continues,” said Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine. “Further extending virtual care maintains access to these important options while allowing us to finalize a longer-term approach.”

Virtual care is one of several measures introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to strengthen the health system and support Nova Scotians and health-care providers.

Quick Facts:
— virtual visits are provided via telephone, telehealth network or secure videoconferencing tools
— more than 1,207,900 services were provided virtually by physicians in Nova Scotia between March 1 and Dec. 1

Additional Resources:
Government of Nova Scotia coronavirus website:

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