NS SPCA Adoption Highlight – Winnie

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NS SPCA Adoption Highlight – Winnie

Winnie is our newest Palliative Care girl! She is estimated at 16 years young and was surrendered when her owner was no longer able to provide care.

During Winnie’s initial exam she was found to have a number of health concerns. This strong lady has kidney disease, kidney stones, she is slightly overweight, mild dental tartar and gingivitis, spondylosis, arthritis, and was found to have a skin infection due to overgrooming.

She has undergone treatment for most of these concerns and is now living comfortably in a loving foster home. She will require lifelong medications to help make her feel more agile. Her skin infection was treated and is now all healed up and her fur looks amazing!

She does still require some weight loss in order to safely under go anesthesia for dental surgery. This will be provided by the Dartmouth SPCA once she is at a more suitable weight.

Winnie’s foster gave us some added information on how she is in a home:

“Winnie is great. She is very fun to have around. She’s sweet, LOVES to cuddle all night long in bed but has a funny spunky personality! She eats all her food and drinks her water. And uses the litter box very well! Her favourite toy is a stick (lol). It used to be one of those mice you dangle in front of them that are attached to a stick. But she chewed the mouse off and prefers just the handle. She drags it all over my apartment with her and brings it to me at least 2 times a day… Too funny. “

If interested in giving Winnie a loving home, please fill out our online application here:ย https://www.novascotiaspca.ca/cat-adoption-application/ean dew

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