NS SPCA Highlight animal – Chris

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**** Info via NS SPCA

NS SPCA Highlight animal – Chris

Hello, I’m Chris, the wonderful one-earred bun! I’m tiny in stature but have a lot of joy packed into this little body! I love to snooze on my blankets and dance around to let everyone know how happy I am. I have a goofy personality and show it by playing with my toys and flopping over to show how much I trust my people. Please bring me home so I can bring some extra joy to your lives too!

Chris has a reduced adoption fee.

Rabbit adoption, just like any new furry family member, is a serious commitment. Below is a link that provides more information so you are prepared to care for your adopted rabbit:

Interested in adopting? Please review our new adoption process here: https://www.novascotiaspca.ca/adoptionprocess/

We are open to visitors If you are fully vaccinated (e.g. two doses + 14 days) with a COVID-19 vaccine, and not experiencing any symptoms. Please note there may be a slight delay in our website updating.

Our hours of operation can be found here: https://www.novascotiaspca.ca/shelters/dartmouth-shelter/

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