December Temperature Outlook

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December Temperature Outlook

Here is the forecast for the “temperature anomaly” for the month of December. The temperature anomaly is the “difference from normal temperatures” for the entire month.

On this first day of “meteorological winter” we are starting to see a stronger signal of more widespread cooler-than-normal conditions in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and northern portions of the entire western “half” of Canada, Ontario as well as parts of central Quebec. Meanwhile northern Quebec, extreme southwestern Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland will continue to experience warmer-than-normal conditions.

The forecasts are categorized as:

  • blue indicates below normal temperatures;
  • white (no colour) indicates near-normal temperatures; and
  • red indicates above normal temperatures – all categories are compared to the 30 seasons of the 1981-2010 period.

This is a prediction of the anomaly of the mean daily temperature at 2 metres (i.e. at standard temperature observation height). It is not a forecast of the maximum nor of the minimum daily temperature.

The World Meteorological Organization recently confirmed that La Niña has developed for the second consecutive year and is expected to last into early 2022, influencing temperatures and precipitation around the world.

Most models indicate that the 2021/2022 La Niña is likely to be weak to moderate – slightly weaker than the 2020/2021 event. For more on the effects of La Niña on our winter weather, please refer to our message dated November 12.

Long-range forecast user guide.



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