Third Doses for Immunocompromised People, Work-Related Travel

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Third Doses for Immunocompromised People, Work-Related Travel
Nova Scotians who are moderately to severely immunocompromised or who are taking medications that substantially suppress their immune system will be able to book a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine starting October 19.

More information about who qualifies is available at . People 12 and older who qualify will be able to book a third dose online or by phone, 28 days after they have completed their primary COVID-19 vaccine series.

At the time of booking, people will need to meet the definition for moderately to severely immunocompromised. Vaccine clinics will also review the information with the patient to ensure they meet the definition or are on one of the eligible medications. Those who do not qualify will not be provided a third dose at the clinic.

The Province will also make third doses available to people who need to travel for work to meet entry requirements or avoid isolation in a country that does not recognize mixed doses. For example, first dose AstraZeneca and second dose Pfizer.

The decision by some countries not to recognize mixed doses has created financial hardship for people whose job requires them to travel.

To become eligible for a third dose for work-related travel, people must:
— be a Nova Scotia resident
— provide an official copy of proof of vaccination for each of the two doses received
— provide written confirmation from their employer that they are required to travel to a country as part of their job and that country does not accept a mixed-vaccine series
— provide official confirmation or documentation from the country or location of travel that a mixed-vaccine series does not permit entry or requires isolation upon entry.

Work-related third doses cannot be booked online or by phone. Applicants must send the required information by email to where requests will be reviewed. Applicants will hear back within seven business days if they are approved, and receive details on scheduling an appointment.

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