Be Bear Aware!

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**** Via Hope for Wildlife

Be Bear Aware!

Fall is the time where most bears will be out finding as much food as possible to help build up their fat reserves for the cold winter months. During this time they mind find themselves in urban areas and will gravitate to the easy access foods.

In order to keep the bears and ourselves safe, the following precautionary measures are recommended:
– Remove birds feeders
– Keep garbage/green bin inside or locked up until the morning of pickup
– Collect all fallen apples and other fruits from trees that may be in your yard
– Ensure all pet food is kept indoors

There are plenty of natural food sources for the bears to find themselves this time of year, away from urban areas and they should be encouraged to do so so that they do not become dependent on human resources. If we all do our part, humans and bears can coexist without an issue!

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