Health Canada suspends licence and requested a recall for PURE75 gel hand sanitizer due to potential serious health risks

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Health Canada suspends licence and requested a recall for PURE75 gel hand sanitizer due to potential serious health risks


Health Canada has suspended the product licence for PURE75 gel hand sanitizer (NPN 80098346) due to health risks. The Department tested the product and found that it contains an undeclared impurity, methanol, at elevated levels. Methanol can cause serious health issues and is not authorized for use in hand sanitizers. Frequent exposure to hand sanitizers containing elevated levels of methanol may cause skin irritation, eye irritation, breathing problems, and headaches. If swallowed, methanol can cause severe adverse reactions, including death. The product label for PURE75 is also missing important safety information and directions for use, including the following warnings:

  • Children less than two years of age should not use this product
  • Supervise children when they use this product
  • Call a poison control centre and get medical help if product is swallowed
  • Keep away from open flames and sources of heat; and
  • Use the product occasionally

A product licence suspension means that it is illegal for any person or company to sell this product in Canada. Health Canada requested that the importer, Haywick Industries, stop selling and recall this product. To date, the company has not complied with this request. In addition, Health Canada suspended Haywick Industries’ site licence, which means it cannot manufacture, package, label, or import hand sanitizer products. Health Canada is advising retailers to stop selling this product and consumers to stop using it. If additional products or safety concerns are identified, Health Canada will take appropriate action and inform Canadians as necessary.

Products affected

  • PURE75 gel hand sanitizer (NPN 80098346), imported by Haywick Industries

What you should do

  • Stop using this product.
    • Follow municipal or regional guidelines on how to dispose of chemicals and other hazardous waste; or
    • Return the product to your local pharmacy for proper disposal
  • Consult a health care professional if you have used this product and have health concerns.
  • Keep all hand sanitizers out of the reach of children.
  • Never eat or drink hand sanitizers, as swallowing even small amounts can be dangerous or fatal. If swallowed, call a poison control centre or seek medical help immediately.
  • Report any health product side effects or complaints to Health Canada.

Health Canada also maintains a list of recalled hand sanitizers and encourages Canadians to check it for updates.





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