Statement on National Nurses Day of Action

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Statement on National Nurses Day of Action
NOTE: The following is a statement from Michelle Thompson, Minister of Health and Wellness; Barbara Adams, Minister of Seniors and Long-term Care; and Brian Comer, Minister of the Office of Mental Health and Addictions
Today, Canada’s Nurses Day of Action, we want to make clear how much we value nurses and the immeasurable contribution they make to our communities, our health-care system and our province. As health-care professionals ourselves, we respect the work that nurses do every day, in all of their various roles in the health system.

Nurses, along with their colleagues in health care, have worked tirelessly for the past 19 months to protect Nova Scotians from COVID-19. We thank you for your work, professionalism and dedication to the people of Nova Scotia.

We know the health system is broken. Nova Scotians have given us a mandate for change. We are strongly committed to transforming the health-care system.

Premier Tim Houston and health-care leaders will be travelling around the province to listen to frontline health-care workers next week.

Nurses have a unique perspective on our health-care system, the problems within it and ideas for change. We want to hear what nurses have to say. Your insights and creative solutions for improvement will be immensely valuable.

We respect and appreciate our nurses. There are improvements to make, and our government is committed to making them to improve the system for all Nova Scotians.

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