Construction tender awarded for Cogswell District project

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Construction tender awarded for Cogswell District project

Today, Regional Council awarded the construction tender for the Cogswell District project to Dexter Construction Limited in the amount of $95,663,633.52 (net HST). The project will now enter the pre-construction phase, which is expected to last three months. Once pre-construction activities are complete, equipment and labour will be fully mobilized. The project is scheduled to begin the construction phase in winter 2022.

The Cogswell District is the largest city-building project in the history of the municipality. It is designed to create a new neighbourhood that connects downtown with the north end and waterfront, creating a stronger, more inclusive network of communities. The approved design plan, based on significant public engagement, incorporates public space elements including accessibility, parks and open spaces, multi-use paths, an active transportation network, streetscapes, and a transit hub.

”This is a big project for the Halifax Regional Municipality. It is ambitious and will allow us to continue to grow sustainably. It will reconnect our downtown and create a space for everybody.”
– Mayor Mike Savage

For more information, conceptual renderings and virtual tours of the design plans, please visit our website.

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