Discarded garbage is a big problem for baby turtles

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**** Info via NS Turtle Patrol

When one hears garbage and turtles in the same sentence most people think of difficulties that Sea Turtles face. However discarded garbage is also a big problem for baby freshwater turtles.

Since baby turtles are only days away from hatching here in Nova Scotia the NSTP is busy once again cleaning up turtle nesting sites so the babies have less to deal with when trying to reach the water for the first time.

Discarded human garbage can easily trap and kill these babies as much of it it many times larger than the baby turtles.

Our biggest problems with our turtle cleanups is where can we put the garbage afterwards?

We are solving this problem one site at a time by hooking up with local businesses who are willing the lets us use their dumpsters.

At this time the NSTP extends a special thanks to Dennis Lively’s Construction & Backhoe Services Ltd who as of today became the newest company to lend aid in this manner.

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