Police Investigate Motor Vehicle Collision on South Park Street

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Police Investigate Motor Vehicle Collision on South Park Street, Halifax

On Sunday, August 29th at approximately 8:20 a.m. Halifax Regional Police responded to a single​ motor vehicle collision in​ the 1000 block of South Park Street, Halifax.​ A​ vehicle had struck​ the railing and​ stairwell​ at the entrance to​ a local coffee shop.

The investigation revealed that the driver of the vehicle in the collision had the right-of-way and was proceeding South on South Park street.​ A second vehicle had entered the intersection from Victoria Road causing the driver who had the right of way to swerve to avoid a collision with the second vehicle.​ As a result of the evasive maneuver​ the driver with the right-of-way​ struck the steps of the coffee shop causing minor damage to the railing at the entrance to the building.

​There were no injuries and the driver of the second car, not the one that collided with the railing​ was issued a Summary Offence Ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act for​ failing to yield to​ a vehicle already in the intersection.​

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