Hal-Con: We have had a few questions over the last few weeks so we put together a short FAQ

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We have had a few questions over the last few weeks so we put together a short FAQ!


All of these items and more can be found on our website: http://hal-con.com/. Furthermore, you can always ask more questions by emailing info@hal-con.com!


❓ Will vaccines be mandatory for Hal-Con this year?

While we will not require proof of vaccination, we continue to strongly advise all eligible attendees to get both of their vaccines at least two weeks before attending our event.

We understand that there are those in our community who have health conditions that prevent them from receiving vaccines, or—at present—children under 12, who have always been and always will be welcome at our convention.

These policies are in place after consultation with the Nova Scotia Health Authority and reflect the rules currently in place that prevent us from mandating vaccines. If these rules change, Hal-Con will follow suit in order to remain in line with provincial regulations.


❓ Can I buy weekend passes?

No. All tickets are going to be day passes for either Saturday or Sunday. You are welcome to buy both!


❓ Can I buy tickets for another person? Is there a limit?

You can buy tickets for another person, but it is important for those individuals to answer the questions associated with each ticket, found on Eventbrite. You can buy up to 10 tickets at a time.


❓ Are there any exemptions to the mask mandate?

Only medical exemptions will be allowed for individuals to not wear a mask. Otherwise they are mandatory except in designated areas.


❓ Will there be guests this year? What other programming can I expect?

This year we are excited to welcome local guests and highlight talent coming from Nova Scotia! Barriers to international travel and our own restrictions prevent Hal-Con from being able to welcome international guests this year. Otherwise, the event will have gaming, vendors, panels and other fun stuff.

Expect more posts about content as time goes on!


❓ What about virtual content? Is there anything for those who stay at home?

We will have virtual content this year! All ticket holders for the in-person event will have access to any and all virtual content, and a separate fee will be offered for those who wish to only attend virtually. There will be more information about this content and these special tickets soon!


❓ Can I volunteer this year?

We are taking on a very limited number of volunteers this year. Head over here to apply: http://hal-con.com/volunteering! (Keep an eye out for another post about this… imminently… 👀)

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