August Temperature Outlook

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August Temperature Outlook

Excessive heat dominated the weather maps in Canada through July. Unbelievably, the hottest spot in Manitoba on July 1st was at Tadoule Lake at latitude 58.72 °N, just south of the Nunavut border. It hit an incredible 38.1°C, becoming hottest temperature on record in Manitoba that far north. The previous record was set at 36.9°C in Churchill on Aug 11 1991.

Here is the forecast for the “temperature anomaly” for the month of August. The temperature anomaly is the “difference from normal temperatures” for the entire month.

The forecasts are categorized as:

  • blue indicates below normal temperatures;
  • white (no colour) indicates near normal temperatures; and
  • red indicates above normal temperatures – all categories are compared to the 30 seasons of the 1981-2010 period.

As we can see on the map below, August will be – on average – warmer than normal throughout most of Canada with the exceptions of areas of northern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as well as most of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, which should experience near normal average temperatures.

This is a prediction of the anomaly of the mean daily temperature at 2 metres (i.e. at standard temperature observation height). It is not a forecast of the maximum nor of the minimum daily temperature.

Long range forecast user guide.

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