Busy street comes to a stop as snapping turtle steals the show

In The Spotlight

Turtle power! A young snapping turtle (20 – 30 years old) faced multiple hurdles today as the instinct to move drove the little dinosaur to move from one lake to a nearby connecting lake.

Problem one was a joining pipe which had a grate. The turtle repeatedly tried to find a way in, which would have provided a safe passage to the nearby lake.

Frustrated, the snapper paced for a time before attempting a hatf climb, requiring tone to rest as they hoisted their shelled self onto land, needing more time to rest.

With help from a small group of onlookers, Traffic was asked to stop as the young animal used a crosswalk to get over a busy road as a larger crowd formed.

The NS Turtle Patrol were contacted, and as they worked to get on scene, primary supervision to keep the turtle from being injured or killed, and to help keep the growing crowd safely back, one onlooker

(Dominique) contacted her boyfriend, a reptile handler and expert, to join in the safe passage of the animal and ensure the turtle made it to safe destination. Shawn Adderley arrived to help safely escort the turtle the rest of the way, where the turtle happily splashed into the water, swam past and disappeared, hopefully to rest.

It’s exciting to see turtles in person, especially in the “wild” and with turtle breeding season in full swing it’s becoming more common. But please be respectful of the critter in question. Give them space (but still get your pics from a distance because it’s truly a sight)

The animals may be frightened or end up back on roads or other unsafe spaces



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