(Update) RCMP response to border blockade

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**** RCMP Media Release

RCMP response to border blockade

​Update – The RCMP is on scene at the border blockade at NS/NB border making arrests and working to reopen the border. Highway 104 westbound is now reopened, Highway 366 in Tidnish is reopened in both directions. Highway 104 eastbound is expected to be reopened shortly.


In light of the ongoing protests and the illegal blockade at the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border, the RCMP has deployed additional resources to the area to help keep the peace and hopefully resolve the situation.

The RCMP respects the Charter right of all Canadians to assemble peacefully. However, under S.423(1)(g) of the Criminal Code, blockading a highway is a criminal offence. Our members are trying to balance respecting the protestors’ rights with enforcing the law, and they are continuing to engage protestors in meaningful dialogue in the hopes of achieving a peaceful resolution.

We are also aware that the ongoing blockade has caused many disruptions on both sides of the border to individuals, businesses and vital services such as health care. We are prepared to change our approach if our dialogue with the protestors is not productive.

We are asking people to avoid the area as much as possible, and that everyone in the area remain vigilant. Public safety remains our top priority, and we hope that this situation can be resolved peacefully in the near future.

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