NS SPCA Update on 77 Rescued Dogs

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Some people may watch this video and think “okay… what is the big deal? Walking dogs.” 🤔

But not our wonder-fur SPCA supporters. 🐾

What we all see is their transformation. 💙

These are some of the 77 dogs and pups who used to be absolutely terrified of everything and everyone. Now, they are learning how to walk on a leash and enjoy playtime in a pool. These everyday things may seem basic but it shows amazing growth and progress.

So far, 33 have found loving families. 💞 Some still have a long way to go. But others are finally ready for forever homes to continue their personalized socialization plans.

We are looking for special owners to set both the family and dog up for success. If you have the experience and commitment, please check out our adoption webpage online now: www.novascotiaspca.ca/adoptions ⬅️ Dogs who have shown the most promising improvement so far are waiting to meet you!!

We hope to find homes as soon as possible so that SPCA staff can focus even more attention on those that have longer journeys ahead. 🐶 We’ll be moving at the pace that is most comfortable for the dogs. You can expect a few meet-and-greets to slowly get to know each other and fall head over paws in love.

*Please share* to help these special dogs find their forever home. ✨

On behalf of all of us here at the SPCA, thank you for helping and supporting these pups!

P.S. While we appreciate your compassion and empathy, we ask that you refrain from any comments that include profanity or may be considered disrespectful with our social media policy. Thank you!

Video: https://fb.watch/68IGkKTc4X/

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