Nova Scotia RCMP member tests positive for COVID-19

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**** RCMP Media Release

Nova Scotia RCMP member tests positive for COVID-19

A member of the Nova Scotia RCMP has tested positive for COVID-19 following asymptomatic testing. The employee, who is a police officer in Halifax District, is self-isolating at home following the diagnosis. At this time, the case is not believed to be related to frontline interaction.

This is the first case of an RCMP member in Nova Scotia, who has had contact with the public, testing positive for COVID-19. The Nova Scotia RCMP is following all directives and advice given by the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA). This includes disinfecting areas the officer may have been in, working with the NSHA to ensure the officer’s co-workers are notified and follow directions given by the NSHA, and working with NSHA investigators so they can complete contact tracing and notify members of the public who may have been in contact with this member, as required.

All frontline RCMP officers in Nova Scotia have personal protective equipment and are using it when responding to calls that may involve possible exposure to COVID-19.

The role of the RCMP to ensure public safety and security is continuing as it did prior to the state of emergency. The RCMP is committed to maintaining police services to Nova Scotians, and we continue to ask Nova Scotians to continue to do what they do so well – look out for one another.


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