UPDATE: Air Show Atlantic Drive-In Show Details‼️

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**** Info via Airshow Atlantic Canada

UPDATE: Air Show Atlantic Drive-In Show Details‼️

What will a Drive-In Air Show look like? We have a series of informational posts planned to explain just that!

We are going to start that process by explaining our vision with a simple map layout.

Fans will have 2 viewing options, a VIP parking area, or 1 of several tiered general viewing parking areas designated here by varying colours. Each car will have its own dedicated viewing space (20×25) where all those attending from that vehicle will view the Air Show.
Fans will not feel like they are watching the show from a parking lot. You will instead be driving directly to your viewing area, rather than parking in a lot and then walking to the viewing area as you would at previous shows.

We must stress this – You MAY exit your vehicles and enjoy the show in your designated viewing area on lawn chairs, blankets etc, think of it as a picnic style experience!

There is a lot to unpack for fans with this being a new show format, and all of the questions you may have will be answered in the coming series of posts.

We do however encourage feedback and want to have a conversational dialogue here on Facebook regarding each posts specific topic. So, if it is not clear to you how the Air Show grounds will “generally” be laid out, please ask.

Specifics like food services, bathrooms, COVID rules, ticketing, prices and more will all be coming in future posts.

A quick reminder here in the comments.

This is not designed to share complete details of every aspect of the show! We want to roll that all out in about 5 or 6 parts similar to this post over the next 2 weeks.

Information on ticketing and the specifics of your viewing space will be coming next this week!

We are proceeding with a couple of assumptions:
– That we will have an Atlantic “bubble”, currently scheduled to re-open on April 19, re-established by this Summer, so all of our fans can attend
– That we can get our key support talent and performers into Nova Scotia
When we are confident of these developments, we will proceed with ticket sales. Most importantly, we will keep you and all our stakeholders safe.

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