Police issue 71 tickets for driving offences

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Police issue 71 tickets for driving offences

Halifax Regional Police issued 71 tickets for motor vehicle-related offences over the last two days.

The HRP Traffic Unit was monitoring traffic on many of our roadways on Monday and Tuesday. Officers issued 71 summary offence tickets: 20 for speeding, one for stunting on Barrington Street in Halifax which was previously reported, and 50 for other offences including passing a school bus while the red lights are flashing, no insurance, expired plates, using a cell phone and invalid safety inspections.

In relation to community concerns, officers spent time in the areas of Vernon Street, Coburg Road, Seymore Street, Old Sambro Road and Herring Cove Road in Halifax, the areas of Portland Street, Settle Street and Joffre Street in Dartmouth and Dartmouth Road in Bedford.

In a continued effort to address traffic safety issues and educate citizens on the rules of the road, our officers focus on speed enforcement. We all have a role to play in keeping our roads safe.

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