Two HRCE Schools to be Renamed


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Two HRCE Schools to be Renamed

Two schools in the Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE) will have new identities when they welcome students and staff back to class this fall.
Sir John A. Macdonald High School in Upper Tantallon is being renamed Bay View High School.
Tallahassee Community School in Eastern Passage is being renamed Horizon Elementary School.
In addition, a third HRCE school, Rocky Lake Elementary in Bedford has confirmed that it will keep its name going forward. HRCE provided the school with the temporary name when it opened in September 2020, with the understanding that the Principal would lead a process with students, staff and community to ensure the name is reflective of the school community.
Principals at each of the above schools engaged members of their School Advisory Councils (SAC), their students, their staff and school communities in the naming/renaming process, as outlined in HRCE’s Naming or Renaming Schools Policy.
The new names will take effect in September 2021.


Sir John A. Macdonald High School

To hear from two students, click here.
“We are pleased with how smoothly the process went. As a committee, we understood the importance of ensuring inclusivity at the school and creating a space where everyone feels safe and welcome. The name change for our school is important for achieving that goal.”
  • Amy Bradbury, Chair
    School Advisory Council, Sir John A. Macdonald High School

Tallahassee Community School

“As a committee, school family, and as part of the HRCE at large, we strive every day to be inclusive and welcoming – not only for our students, but for their families, our staff, and the communities we serve.
We are proud of the research we conducted in relation to the origins and history of our school name. It has been a deep learning experience for us all. By renaming our school, we are eliminating a barrier that can be interpreted as racist and solidifying our commitment to being part of the solution to build an equitable society.
We are confident that our new name, Horizon Elementary School, is a reflection of our geographic location, and is a fitting addition to join our Island View Family of Schools in Eastern Passage.
We would like to offer our sincerest appreciation to everyone in our community who contributed to this process. We look forward to witnessing Horizon Elementary School write its own unique chapters in the legacy of our incredible school and community.”
  • Michelle Myers, Chair
    School Advisory Council, Tallahassee Community School

Rocky Lake Elementary

“Students, staff and our school community said they felt strongly that a positive identity had already been established under our existing name and that Rocky Lake Elementary truly represents a safe space for all students and staff to learn and grow together.
Four potential school names were put to a vote and the overwhelming decision was to keep Rocky Lake Elementary (RLE) as our official name.”
  • Susan Casey, Principal
    Rocky Lake Elementary

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