Suspicious fire under investigation in Bridgewater


**** Bridgewater Police Release

On Wednesday, March 17, 2021, at approximately 4:25 a.m., Bridgewater Police Service, Bridgewater Fire Department, and EHS responded to a 911 call and fire alarm at a four-storey residential apartment building located at 32 Pleasant Street in Bridgewater.

Once on the scene, it was determined that a fire had occurred in one of the second-floor apartments and that the building’s sprinkler system had suppressed the fire and prevented it from spreading.

First responders determined that the cause of the fire was suspicious, and information subsequently received by BPS indicated there were firearms located within the apartment. At that point, Bridgewater Police took over the investigation.

Police remained at the scene the majority of the day while a search warrant was obtained and executed under Canada’s Criminal Code.

As a result of the execution of that search warrant, Derrick Wayne Robar of Bridgewater is currently in custody and will be appearing on March 18, 2021, at the Bridgewater Provincial Courthouse facing the following offences:

Assaulting a Police Officer Sec 270(1)(a) CCC
Obstruction Sec 129(a) CCC
Resisting Arrest Sec 129(a) CCC
Causing a Disturbance Sec 175 (1)(a)(i) CCC
Unsafe Storage of a firearm Sec 86(1) CCC
Unsafe Storage of ammunition Sec 86(1) CCC
Possession of a Firearm without a licence Sec 92(1) CCC
Possession of Ammunition without a licence Sec 92(1)CCC
Possession of a Firearm while prohibited Sec 190(1) CCC
Possession of Ammunition while prohibited Sec 190(1) CCC

Police are continuing the investigation and are currently looking for a second suspect. Additional charges may be forthcoming stemming from the ongoing investigation. Anyone with additional information connected to this investigation is asked to contact Bridgewater Police Service at 902-543-2464.

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