Help put fraudsters in their place by recognizing fraud alerts

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Help put fraudsters in their place by recognizing fraud alerts

March is Fraud Prevention Month and the Nova Scotia RCMP will be sharing tips throughout the month to help you and your loved ones recognize fraud.

Each year, Nova Scotians lose thousands of dollars as a result of scams and the impacts can be devastating. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, Nova Scotians lost $725,280 to fraudsters in 2020 and $701,793 in 2019. Although there are many types of scams out there, there are warning signs, or fraud alerts, to look for.

“It’s important to know that anyone can be targeted as fraudsters continue to find sophisticated ways to scam people out of their money,” says Sgt. Andrew Joyce with the Nova Scotia RCMP Financial Crime Unit. “The impacts of fraud to an individual or business can be significant so it’s important to know how to recognize the warning signs to protect yourself and your family members from these types of crimes.”

If you receive a call, text or email with any of these common fraud alerts, proceed with caution:

Payment type – Fraudsters often request payment in cryptocurrency, gift cards or E-Transfer.

Urgency – Be suspicious if an email, text or phone call includes a sense of urgency.

Unknown/Unsolicited – Messages claiming to be from businesses or organizations that you have not dealt with previously.

Threats – Threats of arrest, deportation or suspension of your travel visa or your tax accounts if immediate payment is not made.

The best way to help prevents these scams is through awareness and education. Sharing this information with others may help someone from becoming a victim. For information about common scams and ways to protect yourself, visit:

Follow us on Facebook (Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia) and Twitter (@RCMPNS) for more tips. If you think you or someone you know has been a victim of fraud, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at​ 1-888-495-8501.

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