Nova Scotia Health expands automated process for communicating COVID-19 test results

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Nova Scotia Health expands automated process for communicating COVID-19 test results
Starting Tuesday, Dec. 22, most Nova Scotians will receive negative COVID-19 test results through an automated email and new auto-call process.
Nova Scotians already have the option to receive negative results via email; that service will continue. However, patients who provide a phone number will also be able to receive an auto-call.
“We recognize that it’s stressful to wait for test results and it can have an impact on the ability to go to work, school and daycare, so anything we can do to make that process more efficient for those being tested is a big win,” said Catherine Hebb, director, Public Health, Nova Scotia Health.
When Nova Scotians come for their testing appointment at a COVID-19 primary assessment centre or mobile testing unit, they will be asked at registration for their email and/or phone number, as well as a health card or identification number.
E-mail auto-notifications require the person to have a valid Nova Scotia health card (MSI).
Auto-call notifications can be provided to those with any valid provincial health card, or a student or military identification number.
Nova Scotians who have been tested should have their health card or identification number ready. They will be asked to enter the last four numbers to receive their result. Email results may be received 24 hours a day. Auto-calls may occur daily between noon and 5 p.m.
“It’s very important that people keep their phones with them and on if they are expecting a test result,” said Hebb. “The caller ID will indicate unknown name, unknown number; we ask people to answer those calls. They’ll also need to have their health card or identification ready.”
If a patient cannot be reached after receiving an email and two auto-calls, they will contacted by staff from Public Health or Service Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia Health has partnered with Service Nova Scotia to help deliver negative test results.
Staff will also phone those who do not have a valid provincial health card or student/military identification.
Receiving a phone call does not automatically mean your test result was positive.
Public Health will continue to make calls to those who test positive and will provide any additional instruction needed.

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