Police remind citizens to follow new COVID-19 requirements

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**** HRP Media Release

Police remind citizens to follow new COVID-19 requirements

COVID-19 cases have continued to spike in recent weeks. Halifax Regional Police reminds people to follow the rules and get educated on the new requirements in parts of the Halifax region, effective today. We always start with education, but enforcement follow when necessary.

For more information on the public health directives and new restrictions, visit:

http://ow.ly/Hqac30rljS0 and http://ow.ly/m5Ql30rljSQ

Members of the public are strongly advised to educate and re-educate themselves in these public health directives and COVID-19 enforcement measures. We appreciate the efforts of everyone helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19. More information on what you can do to help curb the spread of COVID-19 is available on the Halifax Regional Police website.​Let’s work together to curb the spread and keep our community safe.

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