Annual Fall Street Leaf Cleanup Program begins Monday, Nov. 16

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Annual Fall Street Leaf Cleanup Program begins Monday, Nov. 16

Residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality are once again encouraged to help keep the streets, sidewalks and public walkways clear of fallen leaves.

The annual Fall Street Leaf Cleanup Program begins Monday, Nov. 16 and concludes on Sunday, Dec. 6. Crews will begin collecting and removing leaves from streets in the heavily-treed areas of the Halifax peninsula first, and then in other areas of the urban core as required. Please note that this service is scheduled to happen only once on a street-by-street basis, however, crews may return to address areas that were not initially accessible as a result of parked vehicles or other barriers.

The municipality is asking for the cooperation of residents to efficiently complete this program. Temporary ‘No Parking’ signs will be posted in neighbourhoods prior to cleanup in that area. In order to facilitate proper cleanup, residents are asked to abide by posted signage and not park on the street.

The potential for street flooding increases greatly when catch basins are clogged with debris. Residents are also asked to respect municipal by-laws which prohibit the sweeping or depositing of leaves along the gutter of the street or in the roadway.

Cleanup on private property is the responsibility of the property owner. Leaves and yard waste are collected on regular green cart (organics) collection weeks. This waste is permitted in the green cart and any excess 
must be placed in large paper bags. Roll the tops of the bags closed to keep out rain and moisture. Store bags in a cool, dry area until collection day.​

Each household can place a maximum of 20 bags at the curb on the designated collection day. Each bag can weigh no more than 25 kilograms (55 pounds). Residents are reminded that grass clippings are not accepted in the green bin or bags. For tips on grasscycling, visit

For details on the scheduled cleanup for neighbourhoods on the Halifax peninsula, visit

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