The first step to prevent vehicle theft

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The first step to prevent vehicle theft

Between February 21 and March 11, four vehicles were stolen from the owners’ driveways and one additional vehicle had some of its contents stolen. All incidents occurred during the overnight hours. In all five cases, the vehicles were left unlocked. In three of the four incidents of theft, the vehicle owners told police that the keys were left in the vehicles. One owner wasn’t sure.

Colchester District RCMP wants to remind residents that if they want to protect themselves against vehicle theft, and theft from their vehicles, the first step to preventing that is to lock their vehicles, and remove anything of value. “We appreciate that people feel secure in smaller communities, however there are some members of society who will take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves,” says Cpl. Jennifer Clarke of Nova Scotia RCMP. “Protect your property by securing it when it’s left unattended. This includes your vehicle, your home, and other items on your property.”

Nova Scotians can also help decrease their chances of becoming a victim of property crime by participating in the #9PMRoutine on social media. Residents are encouraged to follow Nova Scotia RCMP on Facebook (Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia / Gendarmerie Royale du Canada) and Twitter (@RCMPNS / @GRCNE) as we post every evening to remind everyone to secure their property.

Any suspicious activity can be reported to the RCMP from anywhere in Nova Scotia by calling 1-800-803-RCMP (7267).

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