SPCA are asking for your help with any information regarding a cruelty investigation


**** NS SPCA Media Release

SPCA are asking for your help with any information regarding a cruelty investigation.

On May 25th, a witness saw a cat being thrown from the window of a dark grey car on East Uniacke Road. This occurred at approximately 10:30am. The cat, clearly frightened and shocked, ran away from the witness.

Abandonment is a violation of the Animal Protection Act. If you have any information for this case, please call our hotline at 1-888-703-7722, email animals@spcans.ca or complete an online form at www.novascotiaspca.ca/animal-cruelty-complaint-form/ All reports are anonymous.

This cat was one of the lucky ones. Many abandoned cats do not survive… especially when left in an area they are unfamiliar with. Thankfully, the witness was determined and waited for the cat to return. The cat was trapped and brought to the SPCA. He is a senior, neutered male with some health issues. He is being carefully monitored and treated.

We want to remind the public that there is NO need to abandon your pet – ever. All SPCA shelters are still open and have remained open throughout the State of Emergency. Our new precautionary protocols ask that you call ahead and reserve an appointment time so we can ensure everyone’s safety. For emergency situations, we have been able to meet any urgent deadlines. If you need help in rehoming a pet, please reach out for help. We understand and want to assist you.

We are not accepting adoption interest at this time. Thank you.

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