Response to COVID-19: Parks & Recreation Enforcement

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Response to COVID-19: Parks & Recreation Enforcement

The Halifax Regional Municipality continues to monitor and respond to the rapidly evolving effects of COVID-19.

The municipality is committed to taking important steps in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

There are no reductions in public safety service levels. All essential services of the municipality – including 311, fire and police – are operational and adhering to the most updated guidance and precautions from health officials.

As per the provincial State of Emergency Order:

  • All provincial and municipal parks, as well as beaches, playgrounds, sports fields, courts and associated parking lots remain closed. If you enter these areas you are breaching the order and maybe charged.

  • Provincial and municipal trails that are not part of a park can be used for exercise purposes, but only if you can walk there.

  • Residents who have questions about the status of a trail can call 311, however, the municipality is asking residents to:
    • Stay home unless absolutely necessary.
    • Walk/exercise within your neighbourhood only.
    • Practice social distancing. This means staying at least two metres apart from others and do not gather in groups.

  • The municipality’s parking enforcement team continues to align with Halifax Regional Police in enforcement efforts related to COVID-19.

  • If you park in a parking lot that is part of a provincial or municipal park, you are breaching the order and in addition to being charged may be ticketed and/or towed. Residents can call 311 to report a vehicle that is non-compliant.​ ​ ​

  • We are still seeing people gathering and participating in activities such as street hockey and basketball games – these do not meet social distancing rules and exceed the maximum of people.

  • To report violations related to the provincial state of emergency, call the police non-emergency line at 902-490-5020.

For more information on municipal services during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit

Thank you for helping with the community effort to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

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