Province Invests $230 Million to Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs

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Province Invests $230 Million to Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs
Up to 2,000 local jobs will be created as Nova Scotians get back to work on more than 200 infrastructure projects across the province. The province is investing up to $230 million to improve infrastructure and help get the economy moving again.

Premier Stephen McNeil announced today, May 27, stimulus spending directed toward shovel-ready projects, including investments in roads, bridges, school repairs and museum, courthouse and hospital renovations.

“As the private sector turns to reopening their businesses, the province has a role to play in getting people back to work,” said Premier McNeil. “It’s time to address the economic impacts of COVID-19 and plan for recovery. These investments will support the economy and create thousands of jobs across Nova Scotia.”

The provincial stimulus investments come in addition to the record $1 billion capital plan announced earlier this year.

The projects include new investments that can be started right away along with previously approved projects that will be accelerated or will receive increased funding under the plan.

They include investments in:
— additional paving for 100 series highways and local roads across the province
— expansion of the gravel road program
— replacement of at least six bridges, including Dillmans, Meagher’s Grant, HRM; Hydes, Lantz, Hants Co.; Clam Harbour, Clam Harbour, HRM; Capt. Gillis, near Port Hood in Inverness Co.; Nelson’s, Margaree, Inverness Co.; Mira Gut, Cape Breton Regional Municipality
— renovations and upgrades for the Halifax provincial court
— school repairs, including roofs, windows and mechanical upgrades
— provincial waterfronts
— provincial museum upgrades, including increased funding for Perkins House, Liverpool
— four provincially owned small option homes
— dyke rehabilitation at locations around the province
— campus upgrades to the NSCC campuses

Tenders will be issued beginning immediately and will be rolled out over the next four weeks.
Quick Facts:
— up to $230 million will be committed to more than 200 projects that can be completed in 2020-21
— projects will include a mix of shovel-ready large and general contracting work that will directly stimulate the local economies across Nova Scotia
— the investment is expected to create 1,500 direct and 520 indirect jobs over the current fiscal year

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