New Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition announces COVID-19 Funding Recipients

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New Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition announces COVID-19 Funding Recipients
In this unprecedented time of local and global uncertainty, there has never been a greater need to conduct medical and health related research to collect real-time evidence to inform practice, policy and decision making in this new pandemic environment. The Nova Scotia research community has come together to respond to the COVID-19 global pandemic with a collective investment of just over $1.5 million in COVID-19 focused research.​
Today, the Coalition is pleased to announce the funding of 40 recipients.
“Nova Scotians are known for their resilience, optimism and generosity.​ That spirit has come through in the response to the need for COVID-19 research support.​ This collective commitment of $1.5 million will allow us to tap into health researchers from across the province who will provide real-time results that will inform how we respond to this pandemic”
– Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, Vice President and CNE, Research, Innovation & Discovery, NSHA
This Coalition’s funding announcement will support COVID-19 research that will inform health system decisions, facilitate vaccine development, identify novel treatments, develop devices, and influence social response to the pandemic. Funding will also leverage existing research capabilities to help rapidly respond to the urgent need to support further COVID-19 focused research right here in Nova Scotia.
The COVID-19 Health Research Coalition is dedicated to fostering a research environment that engages our academic partnerships and responds to the current needs of Nova Scotians and our health system, in addition to maintaining the expertise in innovative research, discovery science, population/social sciences, and health system improvement.
The Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition encourages others to join our collective efforts to support this urgent research and fund more grants. For more information about donating to these efforts please contact one of our Foundation partners.

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