Looking to rent? Be cautious of scammers

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**** RCMP Media Release

Looking to rent? Be cautious of scammers who post fake ads to try and steal your money and personal information.

On April 6, Halifax District RCMP received a complaint that people have been advertising homes listed for sale as rental properties. The person advertising the properties changes a few details, asks for a deposit (first months rent) and says the keys will be sent.

Nova Scotia RCMP is reminding the public that online rental properties may not be what they appear. Prior to sending a deposit, we recommend doing the following: Research the property and the person/group posting the ad, ask to see the home and request a tenancy agreement. If you have a feeling that something is not right, it is best to trust your gut and stop communicating with that person.

Scammers can be very persistent and convincing. Being defrauded is never the victim’s fault. If you have been defrauded, you are not alone. Please report it to your local police. You can also report frauds to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or online at: http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/index-eng.htm.

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