(Update) Hope for Wildlife calls for changes after bear cub seized, destroyed

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A step forward. Via Hope for Wildlife.

“We would like to give everyone an update on our current bear situation.

The Minister of Lands and Forestry has agreed to meet with us to discuss the policy, along with several other bear experts from other provinces.

As we continue with this process, we ask that you please keep all of the letters and emails that are being sent to the Minister and his staff, respectful.

We have been blown away by the amount of support we have received on this matter and we can’t thank you enough for all of your help throughout all of this, without you this wouldn’t be possible and we are so grateful!”


Via Hope for Wildlife.

“In response to the recent facebook post, Hope for Wildlife would like to confirm that it is sadly true. A young cub was seized from Hope for Wildlife and destroyed by the Department of Lands and Forestry. We want to thank everyone who has voiced their concerns and are advocating for change. Hope for Wildlife also believes it is time for change. We have the proper facility, trained and dedicated staff to rescue, rehabilitate, and successfully release all wildlife of Nova Scotia including black bear. We just need the permission to do so. We are the only province in Canada that is not allowed to rehabilitate Black Bears and of course we recognize that standards and guidelines need to be set and followed and we as an organization are willing to work with the Department of Lands and Forestry to meet these requirements.
If you also believe that Hope for Wildlife should be given this permission help us make this dream a reality by emailing:

All species matter, no matter the numbers. Destroying them as a first resort teaches the public that these animals have no value, we strongly disagree with this message. By protecting these animals and their habitat here in Nova Scotia we are creating a healthier more sustainable province.

The premier of our province, the Hon. Stephen McNeil – premier@novascotia.ca

The minister of that department, the Hon. Iain Rankin – info@iainrankin.ca””

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