Consider your pets when planning for emergencies.

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Pets During Emergencies

Consider your pets when planning for emergencies.

Know where to take your pets in an emergency and remember their needs when creating your family preparedness kit.


Find a safe place for your pets to stay

Make sure your pets wear current ID tags all the time, and that carries for each pet are labeled with contact information

Make sure pets are current on their vaccinations.

Prepare a pet’s emergency kit


Keep pets in the house as the emergency develops

Pet shelters will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis. Call ahead to check availability.


Don’t allow your pets to roam loose.

Keep dogs on leashes and cats in carriers inside the house, the house might be damaged they could escape/become lost

Be patient, re-establish routines as soon as possible. Be ready for behavioral problems. If problems continue, or if your pet is having health problems, talk to your veterinary.


Will comfort centers/ emergency shelters allow me to bring my pet?

Some centers will allow you to bring your pet, check ahead to make sure you can bring your pet.

What should my pet emergency kit contain?

Comfort items, collars and leashes, food, litter, licenses immunization records, ID tags filled with info indoor potty system, pet kennel, 2 week supply of prescription meds, veterinary contact information.


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