The Curbside Give Away event held during October 2020 will occur as scheduled.

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Curbside Give Away Weekend

Curbside Give Away Weekend 2020

The Halifax Regional Municipality is advising residents that the 2020 Curbside Give Away Weekend will take place from Saturday, Oct. 17 to Sunday, Oct. 18.

Curbside Give Away Weekend is an annual two-day event, where residents are encouraged to place unwanted household items curbside instead of discarding them, giving others an opportunity to adopt the items. The goal of this event is to reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in our municipal landfill, by diverting unwanted items to be reused instead.

Follow the steps below to participate in the Curbside Give Away Weekend:

  • Promote your free items and plan your treasure hunt in advance by pinning and viewing available items on the Curbside Give Away Weekend interactive map.

  • Place reusable household items at the curb in front of your home during the weekend of Saturday, Oct. 17 to Sunday, Oct. 18. Please note that unclaimed items must be removed from the curb by dusk on Sunday, Oct. 18 – items left at the curb outside of this event can result in a by-law violation. Consider donating unclaimed items to charitable organizations.

  • Only place items curbside that are free and in good condition for re-use. Clearly mark items with a “free” sign. Keep items you do not want to give away close to your home or inside to avoid confusion.

  • Connect with other treasure hunters on the official Facebook event page and on Twitter, using the hashtag #hfxcurbside.

  • Place garbage for collection on your regularly scheduled garbage day – regular limits and preparation is required.

Please note that this event happens rain or shine – use your discretion when deciding whether or not to place items curbside.

To learn more about​ Curbside Give Away Weekend, visit:​

COVID-19 considerations:

Residents who plan on participating in the Curbside Give Away Weekend event are advised to maintain physical distancing from others, and to follow all Public Health advisories. All items placed at, or retrieved from, the curb should be cleaned and disinfected.

Curbside Give Away Weekend etiquette:

  • Respect private property – do not walk or drive on lawns or gardens.

  • Take only the item(s) at the curb marked as “free.”

  • Obey traffic laws at all times – do not block traffic, park illegally or block driveways with your vehicle.

  • Watch out for children.

  • A full list of items that should, and should not, be placed at the curb can be found here. ​

Household Special Waste Drop-Off

Residents are encouraged to bring hazardous waste that is not acceptable for curbside collection to the permanent Household Special Waste (HSW) depot, located at 20 Horseshoe Lake Drive, in the Bayers Lake Business Park. The depot will be open on Saturday, Oct. 17, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. To view the full HSW operating schedule, visit:

Materials accepted at the HSW depot include batteries (or Call2Recycle), leftover paint and empty paint cans (or Paint Recycling Program), corrosive cleaners, pesticides and herbicides, gasoline and fuel oil (or find a collection facility), used motor oil (or find a collection facility), solvents and thinners, pharmaceuticals and drugs (or return to pharmacy), aerosol cans containing hazardous substances, BBQ propane tanks (or return to tank exchange), small propane cylinders, CFL and fluorescent bulbs, and residential fire extinguishers (empty fire extinguishers up to 5 lb may be placed in the garbage).

Electronics and sharps are not accepted at the HSW depot.

For more information about the municipality’s solid waste program, visit or contact 311.

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