Police charge man for sexual assault


**** HRP Media Release

Police charge man for sexual assault

Police have charged a man in relation to a sexual assault that occurred in Halifax earlier this month.

On September 7 police received a report of a sexual assault that had occurred in a residence on Tower Road in Halifax on September 5. A man sexually assaulted a woman with whom he was acquainted.

On September 9 investigators arrested the man at Police Headquarters located at 1975 Gottingen Street in Halifax. Arshjot Buttar, 28, of Halifax, is scheduled to appear in Halifax Provincial Court on December 2, 2020 (confirm this is the correct date) to face one count each of sexual assault, choking to overcome resistance and assault.

Sexual assault investigations are complex. As part of our victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to sexualized violence, we work closely with victims to determine if they wish to proceed with an investigation and charges. Police must also ensure the victim’s privacy is upheld and their well-being is fully considered.

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