Mi’kmaki Water Walk Ceremony – Moose River Rd (Gold Mine) 

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Mi’kmaki Water Walk Ceremony – Moose River Rd (Gold Mine)

May 25 @ 7am – May 26

The planning for the Mi’kmaki Water Walk Ceremony began with a pipe ceremony, as we asked for guidance and we mapped our route on May 13th. This Water Walk will be lead by Grassroots Grandmother Dorene Bernard, Pipe Carrier, Water Water, Water Protector.

The Mi’kmaki Water Walk will be started at the beginning of Moose River Rd, (Sign to Gold Mine Museum) off Hwy #224, Elmsvale, at 7am. We are hoping to Walk for the Water to the Gold Mine Museum plus 8 km past there for 26km on May 25th. The second day, May 26th, will begin with a pipe ceremony at 7am at the place where we touched down on the first day. We are hoping to walk 26km to the end of Moose Land Rd. (Moose River Rd. turns into Mooseland Rd) to Highway #7, near Pope’s Harbour, to Touch down in the ocean across the highway on the left. Feast will be at the cottage after final touchdown. It is a 52km Water Walk.
Note: If we don’t finish the Water Walk on May 26, we will finish it on the morning of May 27th.


This is a prayer ceremony that is begun with the sacred pipe, in prayer, we make our intentions, petitions for the water to walk in prayer for the healing and protection of the water and connect our prayers to all the waters that need healing and protection.

Women carry the water, and men carry the eagle staff. If the men are not there, the women will carry the water and the eagle staff.

This ceremony is being lead by Dorene Bernard, a pipecarrier and the ceremony protocols she carries are to be followed for the pipe and carrying the water.

Women on their moontime do not participate in this ceremony, or come to the ceremony. They are already in a cleansing ceremony and can pray for the water and water walkers from home.

If you will follow ceremony protocols and you want to walk for the water for May 25 or 26, please be present when the pipe ceremony and the water walk begins, at 7:00am. Women must wear a skirt for the water walk ceremony. Any others who want to join after the ceremony begins, will have to check in with the ceremony leader, or who is driving the support car, for instruction before joining the Water Walk.

For those wish to support the water walkers with meals, snacks, water, funds for gas, your support is welcome, during the lunch break and you can contact Dorene at 902-758-5152.
Note: Cell service is sketchy on this road, in some places).

Wela’lin for those who provide the needed support for the Mi’kmaki Water Walkers, for lodging, food, tumawey.

9894 Moose River Rd, Halifax, NS B0N, Canada

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