NS SPCA : Adoptable Weekly Highlight – Hailey

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NS SPCA : Weekly Highlight – Hailey
There is not enough good things that we can say about this dog, Hailey!​
She made her way in to our care back in April of this year and was noted to have some discomfort with her rear legs. After examination from our vets it was determined that she had a torn cruciate! She has since had surgery to repair this and is now on her way to being a happy girl and you would never know it has been done! With this long process and stay she was lucky to find a great foster family to spend her time with.​
She likes people food, but unlike a lot of dogs, she has excellent manners around the table and doesn’t try to grab food. Her foster family also reports that she does not appear to show any tendency to guard her food or toys. She snores, which is adorable. She also sings harmony to the recorder or harmonica.
She has been crate trained and seeks out quiet time in her crate for naps if no one is available to snuggle on the couch. ​ It would be great if her forever family was committed to providing her with a crate so she can feel that she has her own safe space.
Hailey is an absolute sweetie, but definitely not a ‘beginner’ dog. Her ideal family has had some experience with large dogs and is prepared to invest the time Hailey deserves in training her (she often pulls mightily on her leash). She is very smart and motivated to earn your approval so her foster family is confident she will learn quickly.
It is important to understand she suffers from separation anxiety and has an extremely hard time when people and vehicles are coming and going (we’re pretty sure she’s afraid she’ll be left behind). ​ She would be best suited to a home with a regular routine that she can get used to, preferably one that involves someone being home with her often. ​ She gets overly excited (pulling, barking, jumping) when meeting new people as well so she’ll need some training before she’s ready to hit the trails and playground. She also has a difficult time in the car so hopefully her forever family plans to stay close to home for the most part.
Despite these challenges, Hailey is an incredibly special girl and we guarantee whoever adopts her will understand right away that they have won the doggy lottery.
Hailey is available to adopt from the Dartmouth SPCA. Please use the following link and follow the steps to submit an application and request an appointment:


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