Rail Safety Week kicks off today across North America!

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Via CN Rail

Rail Safety Week kicks off today across North America!

If you witness an unsafe situation near railroad property or equipment, call CN Police at 1-800-465-9239.


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Rail Safety in Canada

With nearly 41,711 route-kilometers of track, Canada has the third-largest rail network in the world. Railways played a key role in shaping our country. They continue to be important for our economy as a primary mode of freight transportation.

The Canadian rail system has both federal and provincial railways. Railways that cross provincial or international boundaries are governed federally. Railways that only operate within a province are governed provincially.

Transport Canada’s Rail Safety Program

Transport Canada develops and implements policies and regulations, and administers the Railway Safety Act. The department conducts approximately 33,000 railway safety inspections every year.

We inspect companies and road authorities to ensure they comply with the Act, and with regulations, rules, and engineering standards made under the Act. Rail safety inspectors conduct inspections (including audits) to determine whether a railway’s operations, equipment, signals and infrastructure support safety.

We also review and update the legislation on rail safety. The Act has been reviewed 4 times since coming into force in 1989. The most recent review was done in 2017 to 2018 by an independent panel.

The Railway Safety Act

The main legislation that gives Transport Canada responsibility for overseeing rail safety is the Railway Safety Act.

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