New Naloxone kits being shipped to pharmacies

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New Naloxone kits being shipped to pharmacies
Nova Scotia Health was alerted on Monday, March 20, by a distribution partner​ that some take-home Naloxone kits distributed to pharmacies across the province did not contain the critical doses of Naloxone.
All kits identified without the critical dose of Naloxone will be destroyed.
The supplier has started shipping replacement kits with the critical doses of Naloxone to the distributor to share with pharmacies.
If you have picked up a take home Naloxone kit in Nova Scotia, please continue to check that your kit is complete. If the Naloxone is missing, you should return the kit to your local pharmacy and request a replacement.
A complete kit contains two doses of Naloxone in a pill bottle, two syringes, a breathing barrier, medical gloves, and instructions in a protective case.
No adverse events have been reported since we became aware on Monday, March 20.​
Take home naloxone kits provide a life-saving response to someone experiencing an opioid overdose or poisoning.
Free Naloxone kits are available to anyone who may experience, witness, or respond to an opioid poisoning/overdose.
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