RCMP Nova Scotia statement on Tyre Nichols

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RCMP Nova Scotia statement on Tyre Nichols

The circumstances surrounding Mr. Tyre Nichols’ murder on January 10, 2023, are horrific and highly disturbing. My thoughts are foremost with Mr. Nichols’ parents, family and community as they mourn the loss of this young man. On behalf of all Nova Scotia RCMP employees, I send them our condolences.

We are united in our condemnation of the officers who perpetrated the brutality and those who stood by and failed to intervene.​ It is both heartbreaking and infuriating to know they swore to serve and protect.

As I reiterated across our teams on Friday: Every day that a police officer reports for work, we carry the expectations associated with our solemn duty, entrusted to us by our fellow citizens, to keep people safe. Every officer is accountable for their actions, and must not accept actions of themselves or others that do not reflect the duty we carry.

The heinous actions of these officers will understandably affect public trust in policing, and the people we serve, particularly those in racialized communities. The RCMP in Nova Scotia and all of its employees stand with you and extend our support.

– Assistant Commissioner Dennis Daley, Commanding Officer, Nova Scotia RCMP

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