Op-ed from Assistant Commissioner Dennis Daley, Commanding Officer

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Op-ed from Assistant Commissioner Dennis Daley, Commanding Officer


Submitted by: Assistant Commissioner Dennis Daley, Commanding Officer, Nova Scotia RCMP

Date: January 9, 2023

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. As Nova Scotia’s provincial police force, RCMP employees live and work in communities from one end of the province to the other.

Most of our 1,400 personnel are on the frontline supporting Nova Scotians out of our 53 detachments between Cape North and Cape Sable Island. Other staff work in federal units that handle matters of national and international scope.

Every day, Nova Scotia RCMP employees are working to prevent and investigate crime, protect national security, offer vital operational assistance to partner agencies, and provide support to those we serve.

We receive over 165,000 calls for service annually. These calls range from domestic disputes to motor vehicle collisions to fraud investigations to acts of hate crime. We’re called to incidents of gun violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, child exploitation, and sudden death.

Many of the scenes we attend are high-risk; others are heartbreaking.​ ​

So, today I ask you to consider offering a smile, nod or wave to your local police officer. I can say from experience that the support I received as a new constable starting out in New Minas meant a lot – especially after a difficult shift.


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